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Petroleum Recovery Research Center (PRRC) of New Mexico - conducts oil and gas recovery research and works to transfer new and existing technology from the research labs to the oil and gas industry in the state.
Sandia National Labs Applied Production Technology - research and development in the fields of pump hydraulics, artificial lift using foam pigs, sucker rod failures, field measurement of oil properties, automatic casing SWA (ACS), and paraffin control.
UnderGround-SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) Technology - oil and gas storage geotechnology, for U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve and industry.

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 

Petroleum Recovery Research Center (PRRC) - conducts oil and gas recovery research and works to transfer new and existing technology from the research labs to the oil and gas industry in the state.
Stim-Lab Inc. - offering of testing services in the areas of drilling, cementing, completion and stimulation design, additive evaluation, petrology and reservoir analysis.
Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Martel Labs - Petroleum Laboratory Services -
Oil Analysis Herguth Laboratories, Inc.
FLC Labs with expertise in: OIL SHALE - Federal Laboratories
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council -
Executive Synergy Promotions Federal Government and Petroleum Links
Merak's Oil & Gas Hotlinks Page -
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sci.geo.petroleum Internet Resources
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Oil Online 
A2Z : Science & Technology
Scientific Control Labs -   Environmental analyses 
SPE - Oman Section - Program
Coal, fuel and organic geochemistry links Petroleum & Natural Gas - Science & Technology:  
Buckman Labs - Formulator/Dispersants
UWA Faculty Handbook

Petroleum Technology Transfer Council

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U.S. Departments and Agencies:Department of Energy:Research Labs:ECMG, Inc. METRECZ Absorbents - Super Absorbent METRECZ Media
TABLE - Wethersfield Hazardous Waste Sites


BioGroup: Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery

Energy Laboratories

Chemical Company' s Laboratories

Daily Stocks -  Company List

ZEBU: Geography Page -

Trade Index of Pakistan
China National Petroleum Corporation(CNPC)

Ship & Shore-  provides engineering and testing services

University of Oklahoma Office of Research Administration


Crude Oil Corrosion - Chevron Research.

Anti Wear

IOGCC Energy Education Clearinghouse

AGS Geo Links - Alaska Geological Society


Site Lab UVF Analytical Test Kits
SPI Service 4
ICL Labs'
Lycos Manufacturing Guide: Industrial Lubricants
Customer List of Dicer by Visualogic, Inc.
Department of Energy, , Products, and Programs
HITEN: Oil and Gas Links  Database
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC)
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC) -  Internet Resource
Lycos Manufacturing Guide: Industrial Lubricants
LLNL Geosciences
Migdal's Lubricant Additive & Oil Industry Favorite Links
Expo 98 Exhibitors List with Links
Chem, Pharma & Plastics Firms in Ile de France, (Paris)
OU School of Geology and Geophysics On the Web
Harmful Ingrediants for all
The Wastewater Engineering Virtual Library
Dynamic Information Systems Corporation
DISC Customer List - Dynamic Information Systems Corporation
KU Engineering
MATEX Polymer Drilling Fluid Technology
CSIR INDEX - CSIR Labs: Index Consultancy services,
Executive Branch - Dept. of Energy
Large Bore Spinning Band Distillation Systems
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