Government Agency/Company name:  Department of Energy
Industry:  Government Agencies
Heading of the Tender:  Supply of JP4 to the US AirForce
Requirement for the Bid:  Supply of JP4 for US AirForceTESTe
Scope:  need 5 cargoes in the Persian Gulf
Solicitation no #:  # test 2233445556
Category:  Energy/ Fuel supply
Status:  Open
Announce Date:  5/31/2000
Bid Date:  6/30/2000
Description:  Need five cargoes of JP4 in the Persian Gulf forth
Contact person name:  LL
Contact person designation/title:  OD
Point of Contact:   Washington DC
Phone Number:  202 555 5555
Fax Number:  202 555 5155
Email :  LL
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