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Hoover's promotion

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U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for Health & safety  issues  use of nuclear materials

Office of Electricity Regulation (Offer)
  Independent U.K. body to regulate the electricity supply industry.


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Enron          Edison          Avista Corp         PG & E      Able Energy, Inc.   Adams Resources & Energy, Inc.
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
AER Energy Resources, Inc.  Alberta Energy Company Ltd.
Allegheny Energy, Inc.     Alliant Energy Corporation
AmerGen Energy Company LLC Atmos Energy Corporation     Austin Energy     
Aquila Gas Pipeline        

BEC Energy   Berkshire Energy Resources
Blue Dolphin Energy Company     British Energy plc
Black and Veatch       BP Amoco

Coastal    Columbia Energy    Constillation Energy Cinergy   Cairn Energy plc  Canadian 88 Energy Corp.
CanArgo Energy Corporation   Castle Energy Corporation
Cheniere Energy, Inc.    Chesapeake Energy Corporation
China Energy Resources Corporation   CityView Energy Corporation Limited       Clayton Williams Energy, Inc.
CMS Energy Corporation    Cogeneration Corporation of America     Coho Energy, Inc.     Columbia Energy Group
Columbus Energy Corp.   Commonwealth Energy System
Concord Energy Incorporated     Connecticut Energy Corporation    CONSOL Energy Inc.   Constellation Energy Group, Inc.    Costilla Energy, Inc.     Crestar Energy Inc.
 Hallwood Energy Corporation        Halstead Energy Corporation     Harken Energy Corporation

Duke Energy  Dynegy    Devon Energy Corporation   DTE Energy Company   Duke Energy Corporation 

El Paso Energy   Eastern Group plc    El Paso Energy Corporation   Enbridge Inc. Encal Energy Ltd.    Energy BioSystems Corporation  Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.
Energy East Corporation    Energy Research Corporation
Energy Search, Incorporated  Energy West Incorporated
EnergyNorth, Inc.   EnergySouth, Inc. ENSCO International,
EOTT Energy Partners, L.P

Fan Energy Inc.  FirstEnergy Corp.  Fletcher Challenge Energy   Forcenergy Inc   FX Energy, Inc.  Foster Wheeler   Gateway Energy Corporation Genesis Energy, L.P.
Gothic Energy Corporation   Greka Energy Corporation
Gulfport Energy Corporation   Indeck Energy Services, Inc.
Independent Energy Holdings plc   Indiana Energy, Inc.
KCS Energy    Kerr-McGee  K N Energy, Inc. KCS Energy, Inc.
Kestrel Energy, Inc.   Key Energy Services Inc.
KeySpan Corporation Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. 
Koch   K N Energy, Inc.    KCS Energy, Inc.
Kestrel Energy, Inc.   Key Energy Services Inc.
KeySpan Corporation Kinder Morgan Energy Partners,
PLG&E Energy Corp.MCN Energy Group, Inc.
MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company
Midcoast Energy Resources, Inc.
Mitchell Energy & Development Corp.

National Energy Group, Inc. Nerox Holding Corporation
North Coast Energy, Inc.Nuevo Energy CompanyNumac Energy Inc.
    Ocean Energy, Inc. OEC Compression Corporation  OGE Energy Corp.OMNI Energy Services Corp.   Onsite Energy Corporation  Occidental   

Patterson Energy, Inc.   PECO Energy Company
PennzEnergy     Peoples Energy Corporation
Petroglyph Energy, Inc.   PetroQuest Energy, Inc.
Petsec Energy Ltd   Pool Energy Services Co.
Prima Energy Corporation   PrimeEnergy Corporation
Providence Energy Corporation Puget Sound Energy, Inc.
Phillips Petroleum Pioneer Natural Resources  

RAD Energy Corp  Ramco Energy plc  Reliant Energy, Incorporated    Remington Oil & Gas Corporation
Renaissance Energy Ltd.   Rigel Energy Corporation
Royale Energy, Inc.RPC, Inc. 
Reliant Energy   Royal Dutch/Shell    

San Diego Gas & Electric

Santa Fe Energy Trust   Santa Fe Snyder Corp.
Scottish and Southern Energy plc  SEMCO Energy, Inc.
Sempra Energy  Sheridan Energy, Inc.Southern Energy Homes, Inc.   Southwestern Energy Company Stone Energy Corporation  Suncor Energy Inc. Superior Energy Services, Inc. 
Sempra Energy     Sona  Southern Company   Swift Energy Company

Talisman Energy Inc.   TECO Energy, Inc. Tejas Energy, LLC   Tikal Resources Corp.Torch Energy Royalty Trust
TransGlobe Energy Corporation Trigen Energy Corporation  Triton Energy Limited  
Tejas Energy   Texas Utilities  TransTexas Gas     

U.S. Energy Corp.  U.S. Energy Systems, Inc. Unified Energy Systems UniSource Energy Corporation UTI Energy Corp. VAALCO Energy, Inc. Valero Energy Corporation   Vista Energy Resources, W-H Energy Services, Inc.  Westcoast Energy Inc.Western Gas        Williams Companies    Windsor Energy Corporation
Wisconsin Energy Corporation  Yankee Energy System, Inc. 

Zydeco Energy, Inc.